Consulting services

Within IGF Biogas there is competence from more than 15 years of experience in the design, construction and operation of biogas plants. We have operational experience in small-scale biogas production at the farm level, as well as at the large-scale and industrial level. The experience comes from previous employment at biogas production companies, with specialist expertise in how operational disruptions can be prevented and remedied.

This is in addition to experience in how reconstruction and capacity increases can be carried out at existing biogas plants in operation. IGF Biogas has signed support agreements with several of Sweden's major biogas producers, where we have remote support for the biogas plant's control system as well as other technical support.


IGF Biogas offers the following consulting services:

  • Service and maintenance of existing plant parts at biogas plants such as torches, gas engines and gas storage as well as inspections/inspections of biogas plants.
  • Knowledge and experience in the areas of permits concerning, for example, building permits, the environmental code, the Act on Explosive and Flammable Goods, Seveso and ATEX issues.
  • Knowledge and experience in the technical design of new biogas plants concerning, for example, production of technical documentation, procurement, supplier selection, gas safety, technical adaptation according to permit requirements.
  • Knowledge and experience of electrical design as well as control and automation, concerning both new biogas plants and modifications or expansion of existing biogas plants.
  • Project manager responsibility for design, installation and commissioning of new facilities or modifications of existing facilities as well as run operation and maintenance related projects on existing facilities.