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Gas Flares for Optimal Safety

At IGF Biogas, we take pride in offering a wide range of custom-made gas flares designed to meet various needs and specifications. Our gas flares are the result of decades of development and innovation, tailored to effectively handle excess gas in a safe and controlled manner. From simple pole-mounted flares to advanced high-temperature flares, we have the solution for your biogas plant.

Patrik Hedh

Patrik Hedh

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Wide Range for Every Need

We understand that needs vary greatly between different facilities, which is why our gas flares come in various designs and sizes. Whether you require a flare with semi-hidden flames for public spaces or prefer open flames for maximum efficiency, we can provide a solution that fits your specific requirements.

Complete Kits or Individual Components

Our gas flares can be delivered either as complete kits for easy installation or as individual components for more tailored installations. This flexibility allows you to choose the most cost-effective and practical solution for your situation.

Reliability in All Weather Conditions

Our gas flares are designed to withstand the challenges of the Swedish climate. With robust materials and thoughtful design, we guarantee a long lifespan and reliable performance for many years, even in the toughest conditions.

Comprehensive Solutions for Installation and Operation

IGF Biogas not only offers high-quality gas flares but also has an extensive network of partners across the country. Therefore, we can provide full support for assembly, commissioning, and training in flare management. Our goal is to ensure smooth and trouble-free installation and operation from day one.