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Ophi: Next-Generation Biogas System

IGF Biogas, in collaboration with Ophi, presents AERIS, a groundbreaking concept that revolutionizes the utilization of raw gas from biogas and landfill sites. AERIS combines gas upgrading, power production, and power electronics into a single unit, offering a cost-effective solution through sidestream utilization.

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Patrik Hedh

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Reliability through Gas Upgrading

Raw gas from a biogas reactor typically consists of 40-60% methane. The remaining portion is composed of carbon dioxide, moisture, and small amounts of nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide. Prolonged exposure to raw biogas leads to corrosion in pipelines, machinery, and burners. The AERIS upgrading system filters out unwanted particles and moisture, resulting in high-quality biomethane. This biomethane is then utilized by the CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit to generate electricity and heat, reducing the need for electricity from the grid or the use of fossil fuels.

All-in-One Package

Sustainable and Long-Term Design Principle

AERIS can initially be installed in a basic configuration with low gas throughput and a smaller CHP unit, and then expanded over time due to generated profits and initial user experience. Over time, the AERIS unit can be complemented with a gas compression unit for use as fuel in light vehicles, connected to a solar energy collection system, or equipped with an “island grid” function to ensure power supply during outages.

User-Friendliness and Reliability in Focus

AERIS consists of top-quality components ensuring exceptional reliability. After installation, AERIS operates autonomously, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to follow the service plan, indicating intervals for oil and filter changes, among other things. The overall design focuses on safety, durability, and easy serviceability.

Indoor or Outdoor – AERIS Doesn’t Mind

AERIS is designed to operate seamlessly both indoors and outdoors, providing flexibility for placement depending on the facility’s specific needs.

AERIS represents a future where biogas and landfill facilities can optimize their production and utilization of biogas in a sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable manner. IGF Biogas and Ophi are proud to offer this innovative solution as part of our commitment to promoting green energy and sustainable development. Contact us today to discover how AERIS can transform your biogas production.