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Biogas: A Revolution for Agriculture

Integrating biogas production into agriculture not only offers the opportunity for a more sustainable operation but also the potential for increased profitability and self-sufficiency. IGF Biogas specializes in simplifying the process for farmers to initiate the construction of biogas plants tailored to the needs of smaller farms.

Peter Sigefjord

Peter Sigefjord

Sales Biogas Facilities

Why Biogas?

Sustainability and Economics Hand in Hand

Biogas production enables farmers to convert organic waste into valuable resources: renewable energy and digestate. This reduces dependence on fossil fuels and synthetic fertilizers, leading to a more sustainable and economically viable operation. For smaller farms, this can be a crucial step towards a greener and more profitable future.

The Process Step by Step

From Idea to Reality

IGF Biogas has a proven method to assist farmers throughout the entire process – from the initial idea to the completed biogas plant. We start with a thorough analysis of your farm’s conditions, followed by the design and planning of a facility that matches your needs. Through our expertise, we ensure a smooth and cost-effective construction process.

Customized Solutions

Tailored for Your Farm

Every farm is unique, which is why our biogas plants are designed with flexibility in mind. We consider factors such as available resources, desired capacity, and specific goals to create a customized solution. This ensures that even smaller farms can fully benefit from biogas production, regardless of size or type of operation.

Financing and Support

We Guide You Through the Opportunities

Investing in a biogas plant is a significant step, but there are several financing and support options available to make the project feasible. IGF Biogas works closely with each customer to explore available grants, loans, and other financing alternatives. We help you navigate the administrative landscape to ensure that you can maximize your investment.

With IGF Biogas as your partner, the journey to owning a biogas plant is no longer distant. We are committed to supporting smaller farms on the path towards a more sustainable and profitable future. Contact us today to find out how we can help your farm take the step towards biogas production.

Our Biogas Plants

Customized for Every Need

IGF Biogas specializes in designing and providing biogas plants, offering a wide range of sizes to suit your specific needs.

1-3 GWh / year

Small-scale Plants

Ideal for small-scale projects, with gas engines ranging from 30 kW to 100 kW installed electrical power.

3-15 GWh / year

Medium-sized Plants

Perfect for more extensive operations, with the possibility for vehicle fuel production.

Up to 40 GWh / year

Co-digestion and Industrial Plants

For those needing maximum capacity and flexibility for both gas engines and vehicle fuel production.