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Customized solutions for biogas

IGF Biogas offers complete biogas plants, as well as individual biogas products. Everything from small-scale biogas plants at farm level for electricity and heat production, to larger co-digestion plants with the production of vehicle fuel.

Peter Sigefjord

Peter Sigefjord

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On-farm Biogas Plants

On-farm biogas plants typically produce electricity and heat that can be directly utilized within your operations and sold if there is surplus. Additionally, a high-quality digestate is produced for internal use or for sale, providing an extra benefit.

Co-digestion Facilities

Co-digestion facilities are primarily targeted towards collaborations involving various types of substrates. For instance, multiple farms collaborating with one or more food industries aiming to locally produce vehicle fuel and also capitalize on high-quality digestate resulting from the digestion process.

Manure and organic waste are among the most valuable resources for operations today. Instead of transporting manure and organic waste, leveraging IGF’s biogas plant to convert substrates into biogas is advantageous. Several of our clients have also established their own filling stations for local sales of vehicle fuel/CBG.

Customized Biogas Plants

As a customer of IGF Biogas, you can entirely focus on your core operations. If needed, we take responsibility for the entire installation or specific parts of it. We also offer services for operation and maintenance.

All our plants are tailored to meet the specific needs and conditions of our customers. Choosing the right technological solution is based on over 15 years of operational experience in biogas production. IGF Biogas provides numerous options as we are not tied to a specific technology or supplier.

1-3 GWh / year

Small-scale Plants

Small biogas plants offer a unique solution for small-scale projects, where sustainability and self-sufficiency are at the forefront. With gas engines ranging from 30 kW to 100 kW installed electrical power, these plants are optimal for farms, small businesses, or local communities looking to convert organic waste into energy. These plants produce 1-30 GWh of energy annually, making them a cost-effective starting point for those new to biogas production. They represent a low barrier to begin extracting value from waste materials and contribute to a greener energy future.

3-15 GWh / year

Medium-sized Plants

Medium-sized plants are tailored for organizations and communities ready to scale up their energy production. These plants are not only capable of providing heat and electricity for internal use and sale but also equipped to produce high-quality vehicle fuel from biogas. With a production of 3-15 GWh per year, they are an excellent choice for larger farms, municipalities, and businesses aiming for significant contributions to local energy supply and reducing their carbon footprint. These plants offer a balance between size and efficiency, making them a versatile solution for a range of applications.

Up to 40 GWh / year

Co-digestion and Industrial Plants

For the most ambitious projects in biogas production, co-digestion and industrial plants are the optimal solution. These plants are designed to handle and process large volumes of organic waste, with the potential to produce up to 40 GWh of energy annually. They offer unparalleled flexibility and capacity, both for generating electricity and heat through advanced gas engines and for producing vehicle fuel. These systems are ideal for large industrial players, co-digestion projects, and regions with high ambitions in sustainable energy. By maximizing the extraction of biogas from a wide range of substrates, these plants play a critical role in transitioning to a sustainable and self-sufficient energy future.