Biological waste - the hidden resource


IGF Biogas offers complete biogas plants, as well as individual biogas products. Everything from small-scale biogas plants at farm level for electricity and heat production, to larger co-digestion plants with the production of vehicle fuel.

Biogas plants at farm level

Biogas plants at farm level usually produce electricity and heat that can be directly fed back into your business and resold in case of surplus. As an additional bonus, a high-quality bio-fertilizer is produced for own use or for sale.

Co-digestion facilities

The co-digestion plants are mainly aimed at amalgamations of different types of substrate. For example, a number of farms together with one or more food industries, who want to locally produce vehicle fuel and also take advantage of a high-quality bio-fertilizer, as a result of the digestion process.

Fertilizer and organic waste are today one of the company's most valuable resources. Instead of transporting manure and organic waste, you can let IGF's biogas plant convert the substrates into biogas. Several of our customers have also built their own filling stations for local sales of vehicle fuel/CBG.


Customer adapted biogas plants

As a customer of IGF Biogas, you can fully focus on your core business. If necessary, we take responsibility for all or parts of the installation. IGF Biogas also take responsibility for operation and maintenance.

We adapt all our facilities based on the customer's specific needs and conditions. The choice of the right technology solution is based on more than 15 years of operating experience in biogas production. IGF Biogas offers many choices, as we are not locked into a specific technology or supplier.

IGF Biogas offers biogas plants in the following sizes and types:

  • Smaller farm plants from 1-3 GWh/year, with corresponding gas engines 30 kW and up to 100 kW installed electrical output.
  • Medium to larger farm plants, 3-15 GWh/year, with corresponding gas engines 100 kW and up to 650 kW. Alternative production of vehicle fuel.
  • Digestion facilities and industrial facilities up to 40 GWh/year for gas engine or vehicle fuel.

A flexible supplier

IGF Biogas is a flexible supplier that adapts the design of the biogas plant to your needs and wishes. We can also produce a design based on our own long operating experience.

We have a self-developed control system for flexible operation, remote monitoring and alarm functions that is also prepared to be able to further develop and expand the biogas plant in the future.

The common denominator for the farm-based biogas plants is IGF's biogas products regarding, for example, torches and gas engines as well as control systems.

High demands on safety and operation

IGF Biogas objective is to always design and build facilities in accordance with prevailing industry standards and safety requirements, for example Energigas Sveriges publications. This guarantees an operationally safe facility according to Swedish authority requirements.

Through our flexibility, we can be both an integrator and a supplier of new plant parts in your existing plant. For example as a technology supplier or supplier of services in control and automation.