Biological waste - the hidden resource

How to turn your waste into high-value energy

For more than 30 years, IGF Biogas has delivered innovative gas handling products to municipalities and companies. 

At the same time, we see that many food producers and some farms are missing out on a huge savings potential by shipping their bio-waste long distances. With IGF's small-scale biogas plants, bio-waste can instead be converted into electricity and heat on site and fed directly back into the farm's operations.

That is why we are now taking the step of investing in complete small-scale plants for the local production of biogas.

Food producers and farmers no longer need to see waste as a problem. Waste suddenly becomes one of the most valuable resources in the business.

Instead of loading the waste onto a truck for expensive disposal, you simply let IGF's biogas plant convert it into biogas, which in turn generates both electricity and heat. As an added bonus to the process, it also creates high-value fertiliser.  Fertiliser that can either be used in your own business or sold to nearby farms.

As an IGF customer, you retain full focus on your own core business. You don't have to worry about building up any expertise for either the installation, operation or maintenance of the biogas plant. 

IGF takes care of everything 

All in all, an investment that cuts costs and increases revenues while strengthening your green profile through an important contribution to the environment.

Local and circular 

We also supply components, spare parts and complete products for existing biogas plants. Our main products are: gas engines, gas flares, level switches and gas bells.



IGF Biogas converts your organic waste into energy. We install, operate and maintain a micro biogas plant on your site. In this way, your hidden resource is exploited in direct connection with your business. Completely local and circular.


Our local biogas plant cuts your electricity and heating costs. All the energy produced is returned to your own operations. You avoid expensive transport for waste, in favour of bio-fertiliser and biogas - with the possibility of resale.


With the IGF Biogas' solution you get a local and circular energy production. Your organic waste is recycled, while waste transport is eliminated. What's more, you can run machinery and vehicles on biogas - from your own local filling station. All in all, you become a greener company, making a difference for the environment.

Biological waste - the hidden resource 

How to turn your waste into high-value energy

Do you see your organic waste as a problem? 

Do you spend a lot of money on transporting your waste away?

Instead, let IGF Biogas convert the waste into a valuable resource where you are. 

We convert your waste into electricity and heat, which is fed back into your own operations - locally and circularly. 

That's how your organic waste is transformed from a problem - to a valuable resource.

No expensive transports.

No expensive electricity and heating bills.


We take care of installation, operation and maintenance

IGF Biogas is aimed at all businesses that generate any form of organic waste. 

We simply take your bio-waste in our container-based micro-plant and recycle the energy in any form - directly into your business.

As a customer of ours, you don't need to build up any technical expertise in biogas technology.

IGF Biogas takes full responsibility for the installation, operation and maintenance of the entire plant.

You become a greener company

In this way, a hidden asset is taken care of in direct connection with your production. 

You don't have to transport the waste to a landfill or other central facility. 

Something that is otherwise often done at far too low a remuneration.

IGF Biogas offers you a completely local circular energy production, which lowers your energy costs, eliminates your transport and also gives your company a greener profile.

In addition to direct energy, high-value bio-fertilizer is created.

Bio-fertiliser that can be used in your own operations or sold on to local farms.


Get your own biogas filling station

If you have machinery or transport vehicles that run on liquid biogas, you will have your own local filling station, with the possibility of reselling the gas. 

IGF Biogas takes total responsibility for the plant, where you as a customer do not have to think about installation, operation or maintenance. The biogas plant is designed entirely according to your needs - here and now - in a modular format where separate parts are easily replaced when new technology is introduced. If your business changes over time, the plant is adapted to your new needs - into the future.   

IGF Biogas increases efficiency in your
business by: 

1 Food producer A operates a fish farm where fish are farmed and handled all the way to the final customer. A then has to deal with the nuisance of faeces, uneaten food, algae, fish cleaning and fish scales. IGF Biogas handles all this in a biogas plant on the customer's premises, which can now focus entirely on its core business.

2 Your organic waste is handled in the IGF Biogas system for conversion into biogas and high-grade fertiliser. The energy-rich biogas can in turn be converted into various end products. With your new circular energy production, you add electricity, heat or liquid biogas to your production, with enough energy to run essential systems during temporary power outages in your regular grid. What's more, new technology is being developed that could soon convert biogas into hydrogen. As the IGF Biogas plant is fully modular, units in the system can eventually be replaced, so that the product is constantly made adaptable to your needs, which are likely to change in the future.

3 In the circulating system, your previous problem of waste is turned into an asset. You choose the way that suits you best to make use of all the heat, electricity or liquid biogas that the IGF Biogas system produces. Your business is best adapted to the biogas plant to take advantage of its full potential. As your needs change, IGF Biogas will be along for the ride to provide the very latest technology.

4 IGF Biogas' automated solution provides you with a local recycling, filling station, heat source and electricity supplier all in one. All to lower your running costs for electricity, heat and transport - for the benefit of a greener industry where you actively reduce your overall environmental impact. You are allowed to focus entirely on your core business - while IGF Biogas takes care of the rest.