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Maximum Efficiency and Safety

At IGF Biogas, we specialize in delivering solutions that not only streamline biogas production but also ensure that the process meets all environmental and safety standards. Our range of tubular heat exchangers and sanitization tanks is designed to meet these requirements by enhancing energy efficiency and ensuring that the digestate is safe and free from pathogens.

Patrik Hedh

Patrik Hedh

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Efficient Heat Recovery with Tubular Heat Exchangers

Optimization through Preheating and Cooling

Our tubular heat exchangers are designed to recover heat by preheating incoming substrate and cooling the outgoing digestate. This process allows for a significant reduction in the heating requirements for the incoming feedstock, by up to 25% annually. By reusing thermal energy within the system, we can help biogas plants reduce their energy consumption and increase overall efficiency and profitability.

Sanitization Tanks for Safe Digestate

Guaranteed Safety for Various Substrates

For biogas plants processing multiple types of substrates, including animal by-products, it’s crucial to ensure that the produced digestate is free from harmful microorganisms. Our sanitization tanks are designed to meet these needs by effectively eliminating pathogens and ensuring that the digestate is safe for agricultural use. By integrating these systems into your facility, you can ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and standards for digestate treatment.

Customized Solutions for Every Facility

Expertise to Meet Your Specific Needs

At IGF Biogas, we understand that every biogas plant has its own unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific circumstances. Whether it’s selecting the most suitable heat exchanger or designing a sanitization system that effectively treats your specific substrates, our team is ready to provide expertise and support.