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Drive Your Future with Our Gas Engines

At IGF Biogas, we understand the importance of sustainable energy production, which is why we offer a wide range of gas engines suitable for various applications. Our expertise and experience extend to the delivery of gas engines in different sizes, tailored to efficiently convert biogas into electricity and/or heat. Our main customer groups include wastewater treatment plants and farmers, but our solutions are flexible enough to meet a variety of needs.

Patrik Hedh

Patrik Hedh

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Customized Solutions for Every Need

Our range of gas engines is particularly valuable for wastewater treatment plants looking to harness biogas produced from digesters, as well as for farmers who see the potential in using livestock waste as a resource for energy production. By converting what was previously considered waste into valuable energy, our customers contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy.

Reliable and Dependable Engines

We only collaborate with leading and experienced suppliers to ensure that the gas engines we offer are of the highest quality. This ensures operational reliability and long-term performance, giving our customers confidence that their investment will efficiently generate energy for many years to come.

Service Agreements for Peace of Mind and Reliability

To further strengthen our customers’ confidence and ensure optimal operation of the gas engines, IGF Biogas offers service agreements. These agreements are designed to provide you as a customer with complete peace of mind through regular maintenance services and support. With a service agreement from us, you can be sure that your gas engine always operates at its best, with minimal downtime.