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Effective biogas production starts here

At IGF Biogas, we have a deep understanding of the importance of high-quality and efficient digesters in the process of biogas production. With our extensive experience in operating biogas facilities, we advocate for the use of digesters made of glass-lined steel plates. This choice of material ensures high quality, long lifespan, and optimal operating conditions for biogas production.

Patrik Hedh

Patrik Hedh

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Customized solutions for every facility’s needs

Innovative design and technology

In collaboration with Neuero, we specialize in designing and delivering cost-effective solutions for digesters that meet specific needs and requirements. Our customers can choose between digesters with fixed steel roofs and top-mounted agitators, or alternatively digesters equipped with double-membrane roofs and side-mounted agitators. These configurations ensure efficient mixing and maximum gas extraction from the substrate.

Flexibility and customization

We understand that every biogas facility’s needs are unique, which is why we offer both tank delivery only and a complete equipped digester including sensor equipment and stirring system. Whether you need to upgrade an existing facility or build a new one, we can provide a solution that matches your specifications and budget.

More than just digesters

Tanks and cisterns for every need

In addition to our range of digesters, we also offer a wide range of tanks and cisterns that can be used for various purposes within the biogas facility. Whether it’s storage of substrate, intermediates, or the finished biogas, we have the capacity to deliver customized solutions that meet your requirements for safety and efficiency.

Commitment to long-term success

Reliable engines and service agreements

Choosing IGF Biogas means not only access to high-quality products but also assurance of reliability and operational safety. We work only with experienced and reputable suppliers to ensure that the engines and equipment we deliver generate energy efficiently for many years to come. Additionally, we offer comprehensive service agreements so that you as a customer can feel completely confident in your purchase, knowing that your facility will receive the care and maintenance it deserves.