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Products for the biogas of the future

At IGF Biogas, we offer a range of products designed to optimize and streamline biogas production and utilization. Our range encompasses everything from basic infrastructure to advanced energy production systems. Here is a brief overview of our main products:

Patrik Hedh

Patrik Hedh

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Our gasholders are available in various sizes and designs to ensure reliable and safe storage of biogas. With options such as steel cylinders, balloons, and custom-built structures, we can provide solutions that suit the specific needs of each facility.

Gas flares

IGF Biogas provides gas flares for safe and efficient combustion of excess gas. Our flares come in various models for semi-concealed or open flames and can be supplied as complete construction kits or individual components, tailored to the customer’s preferences.

Gas engines

We deliver gas engines for a variety of applications, including power generation from biogas. Our engines are particularly popular among wastewater treatment plants and farmers who see the potential in converting waste into energy.

Digesters and tanks

With our expertise, we design and deliver digesters in glass-lined steel plate, equipped with both fixed steel roofs and top-mounted agitators or double membrane roofs with side-mounted agitators. We also offer tanks and containers for various storage needs.

Heat exchangers and sanitization tanks

Our heat exchangers utilize tube technology for efficient heat recovery, optimizing the heating process and reducing energy costs. For facilities processing various substrates or animal by-products, we offer sanitization tanks to ensure that the digestate is free from pathogens.

Upgrading combined with gas engines

This advanced solution integrates gas upgrading with gas engines to efficiently convert raw gas into high-quality biomethane, which is then used to generate electricity and heat. This system minimizes the need for external electricity and fossil fuels.